Lazareto Island


"Lazareto" Island "Lazareto" Island, known before as “Saint Dimitrios”, is an island located two nautical miles northeast from Corfu.

Its name derived from the fact that, this island was devoted to “Virgin Mary of Nazareth” and as a consequence from the meaning of “Lazareto”, since it was functioning as a quarantine station.

During the 16th century and thus the Venetian rule, a monastery was built as well as the islet constituted a house for people with Ieprosy. "Lazareto" during recent times During World War II, the “Lazareto Island” was operating as a concentration camp for the prisoners of the Greek National Resistance movement. Today, “Lazareto” is an uninhabited islet and therefore a place for praying for the people who died during the Civil War in 1949. The municipal authorities have undertaken to organize memorials in honor of the victims in the first 15 days of October.

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