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Dassia is located on the northeastern coast of Corfu and at a distance of 13 km from the capital. It is one of the first organized tourist resorts in Greece with its overgrown beach being bustling mainly due to the many options in entertainment and water sports. Dassia, was the first tourist resort of the island of Corfu, started in 1950's and it covers everybody's interests as it has coffee shops, snack-bars, restaurants, grill houses, cake shops, bars, tourist shops, supermarkets, regular bus service from and to Corfu town, horse riding, tennis and golf courses in a close distance and water sports activities. The shallow and calm water is ideal for children and families. The organised beach is ideal for care free day at the beach, from early morning  hours  until late at night ...
Othonoi and Ereikoussa Both Othonoi and Ereikoussa belong to the Diapontian Islands. Those are located 6 kilometres northwest of Corfu and 40 kilometres away from the Italian coasts. They constitute a unique island complex as well as they administratively belong to the Corfu Regional Unit. A few words about Ereikoussa Ereikoussa constitutes the second biggest island of the Diapontian Islands with 400 inhabitants, while it is the northern spot of the Ionian Islands. Its name derived from the heather (i.e. “Riki”), which grows all over the surface of the islet. It has also a second name of “Merlera”, which was given by some cartographers on the 16th century. Today, the islet disposes only one port, known as “Porto”, whereas it is an organised, endless shoreline with crystal-like waters. Amazing corners all over the Island From the highest spot “Santardo”, which is 130 meters high, anyone can enjoy a panoramic view down to the leafy and lavish Ereikoussa. Another beach carries the name of “Birgini”, which is located on the east side of the island and it amazes with its soft, golden sand. Nevertheless, the most beautiful spot of the island is the “Pera Katergo”, also the only place, which is covered by stone. There, a stoned Cross evinces a navy accident, which happened around 100 years ago.
Othonoi and Ereikoussa Both Othonoi and Ereikoussa belong to the Diapontian Islands. Those are located 6 kilometres northwest of Corfu and 40 kilometres away from the Italian coasts. They constitute a unique island complex as well as they administratively belong to the Corfu Regional Unit. History of the islet Othonoi According to mythology, Othonoi was the island of Kalypso, where Odysseus had spent 7 years of captivity until he could escape towards Corfu. It was rumoured that, Othonoi had the appropriate climate for treating the nursed ones. Therefore, during the English rule, English soldiers were sent there in order to be treated. Where the reality meets the mythology Today, the island has 2 settlements, where the north one is called “Chorio”, which literally means village, while the south one is known as “Ammos”, meaning sand. On the east coast of Othonoi, an impressive lighthouse is to be found, with a total height of 100 meters above the sea. On the west side of the small island, there is the crystal-like “Aspri Ammos” beach, where the notable “Cave of Kalypso” is also to be found. There is another beach on the north part of the islet, known as “Fiki”, meaning alga, where the shipwreck of “Sara” boat is to be found. It is to be noted that, Othonoi is the biggest one in the Diapontian Islands with 560 inhabitants.
Nisaki Coast Nisaki beach is located on the northeast side of the island, only 22 kilometres away from the city centre. The beach is extended in a small bay, which protects it from the winds. With these means, an idyllically relaxing landscape is to be created. The extremely rich seabed appeals every year those who love diving. Its crystal waters in combination with the white pebbles represent the island’s beauty to its whole. Going-out options Anyone, who is resting by the seashore, can enjoy the Corfiot sun, which is reflecting upon the deep blue waters. Beyond its splendid beauty, Nisaki beach possesses traditional restaurants, known as taverns. Guests can enjoy luscious tastes and local cuisine, while they rejoice in viewing sky’s paintings during twilight.
Barbati Coast and Village Barbati is located on the northeast coast of the island, just 20 kilometers from Corfu Town. The village is built at the foothills of the Mount Pantocrator. The village is quite busy, since it disposes many shops, bars and taverns on its whole area. Barbati beach is quite wide and covered with white, round pebbles. Thus, it constitutes an ideal choice for those who despise the sand. Activities on crystal-like waters Its crystal-like waters are pleasantly cool, while on the southern side there are trees offering a perfect shade. Various activities are also available such as water sports. It is to be noted, that one of the most popular activities among tourists is snorkelling.
Ipsos Coast and Village Literally next to Dassia bay and just 5 minutes by walking, there is a beautiful coast, known as “Ipsos”. Ipsos is also the homonym village, which is situated only 14 kilometres away from the capital, in the northeaster part of the island. Behind the village, Mount Pantokrator stands, the highest mountain in Corfu. Right over the ocean, the rough Albanian mountains are obvious. Ipsos is known for its exuberant nightlife because of its numerous dance club and bars. Ideal for every age Ipsos shoreline is in a huge bay with the entire village extending along it. Ipsos is an organised, pebbly shoreline with completely clear, crystallised waters and numerous alternatives for water sports. The sea is thought to be the perfect choice for families with children, since it deepens gradually. It is totally worth-visiting also by the young people, who seek for a great vacation time full of entertainment and adventure.