Ipsos Coast and Village Literally next to Dassia bay and just 5 minutes by walking, there is a beautiful coast, known as “Ipsos”.

Ipsos is also the homonym village, which is situated only 14 kilometres away from the capital, in the northeaster part of the island. Behind the village, Mount Pantokrator stands, the highest mountain in Corfu. Right over the ocean, the rough Albanian mountains are obvious. Ipsos is known for its exuberant nightlife because of its numerous dance club and bars.

Ideal for every age

Ipsos shoreline is in a huge bay with the entire village extending along it. Ipsos is an organised, pebbly shoreline with completely clear, crystallised waters and numerous alternatives for water sports. The sea is thought to be the perfect choice for families with children, since it deepens gradually. It is totally worth-visiting also by the young people, who seek for a great vacation time full of entertainment and adventure.

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