Old Town


Old Town Corfu City, known also as the “Old Town”, constitutes by its own one of the most beautiful landmarks all over the island.

The Old Town is fully protected by UNESCO, since it depicts the florid Venetian architecture in a combination with French and English cultural elements. Traditional narrow lanes, covered by stones and known as “Kantounia”, picturesque dwellings as well as architectural monuments bejewel this marvellous town, which brings about a nostalgic sensation of old times. Taking a look inside Throughout the city, small churches, dedicated each one to a different Saint, adore the Old Town with their different architecture styles and the grandiose bell towers. The most important one is the church of Saint Spyridon, who is the patron Saint of the Island.

Old Town possesses the finest monuments dating back to different historical times and rejuvenating the everyday life of the aristocracy and the noble ones. The oldest and most rumored neighborhood is called “Campielo”, which means in Venetian “a typical, little square”. Its narrow lanes and its medieval designs constitute the most admiring and worth-visiting places of the city.

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