Pontikonisi Island


Pontikonisi Island A sacred rock

The Pontikonisi Island is a lush and full of trees rock, which is located opposite the Kanoni area and the international airport of Corfu "Ioannis Kapodistrias". It was named after the fact, that it resembles a mouse while seeing from above. It is a sacred place, since a small Byzantine church, the well-known temple of Saint Pantokrator, is to be found. The only date when you can visit it is the 6th of August, known as the “Transfiguration of Jesus”.

Place of attraction of visitors

It is one of the most popular and touristic sights all over Corfu, since every year it appeals to visitors either for praying on the 6th of August, or for admiring its lavishly green landscape. Regular itineraries are being conducted from the Kanoni and the Perama area as well as from the Church of St. Mary of Blachernae. Undoubtedly the Island has been a source of inspiration for the creator of the painting "The island of the dead".

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