Spianada Square


"Spianada" The largest square in the Balkans Spianada square is thought to be the largest square throughout the Balkans, since it covers an area of 84,000 square meters.

By being one of the most beautiful sights all over the island, it combines a green area in front of the famous “Liston Street” with an assembly of Venetian, French and British historical monuments in its northern part. Divided into the Upper and the Lower square, they are both famous and ideal for a walk towards the sea and the Old Fortress. While wandering around the square, you could enjoy the bright Corfiot sun and admire the elaborate architecture of the old buildings.

The Lower Square

The Lower square disposes a green cricket pitch, where groups from all over Corfu train and compete. Although there is not an official playground area, the leafy area is appropriate for children, since they can play, run and roll in the grass, always being kept under the eye of their parents. The lavishly green grass, especially during the spring and summer season, is complemented beautifully by the rich architecture of "Liston", while its natural beauty transfuses to walkers a sense of rejuvenation.

The Upper Square

The Upper Square extends opposite to the beginning of Liston and the famous "Pentofanaro", the most distinctive meeting point for Corfiots and visitors. The square is adorned by exquisite architectural monuments, such as the sculptures of "the Union of the Ionian Islands", where each of them stands for an island. Aside from the fountain and at the end of the square the peristyle Maitland with 20 ionic columns is to be found. Both during morning and evening, Spianada square is the most mundane point, which teems with laughter and voices of children and young people.

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