Othonoi and Ereikoussa

Both Othonoi and Ereikoussa belong to the Diapontian Islands.

Those are located 6 kilometres northwest of Corfu and 40 kilometres away from the Italian coasts. They constitute a unique island complex as well as they administratively belong to the Corfu Regional Unit. History of the islet Othonoi According to mythology, Othonoi was the island of Kalypso, where Odysseus had spent 7 years of captivity until he could escape towards Corfu. It was rumoured that, Othonoi had the appropriate climate for treating the nursed ones.

Therefore, during the English rule, English soldiers were sent there in order to be treated. Where the reality meets the mythology Today, the island has 2 settlements, where the north one is called “Chorio”, which literally means village, while the south one is known as “Ammos”, meaning sand. On the east coast of Othonoi, an impressive lighthouse is to be found, with a total height of 100 meters above the sea. On the west side of the small island, there is the crystal-like “Aspri Ammos” beach, where the notable “Cave of Kalypso” is also to be found. There is another beach on the north part of the islet, known as “Fiki”, meaning alga, where the shipwreck of “Sara” boat is to be found. It is to be noted that, Othonoi is the biggest one in the Diapontian Islands with 560 inhabitants.

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