Church of Saint Spyridon


Church of Saint Spyridon The patron Saint of the Island The Church of Saint Spyridon, who is considered the patron Saint of the Island, is significantly the most reputable church all over Corfu. It was built initially in San Rocco square.

However, in 1590 it was moved to its present location, namely in the center of the Old Town. This historically extraordinary place of the city is being complemented by the church’s meticulous Venetian architecture. Its most remarkable feature constitutes the bell tower with a red dome. Beyond the red dome, the bell town greatly resembles to the bell tower of the Greek Church St. Giorgio’s Del Greci in Venice.

Famous litanies

After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the remains of Saint Spyridon were brought to Corfu and  they are kept behind the Alter until nowadays. 4 times per year and on specific dates (Palm Sunday, Good Friday, August 11th, first Sunday of November), they get carried around the Corfiot streets. It is a celebration which symbolizes Saint Spyridon’s miracles.

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