Palace of St. Michael and St. George


The Palace and the Gardens This is the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, the oldest structure of English Domination.

It is combined with the lavishly green gardens, known also as the “Garden of people”. The Palace operates as the Museum of Asian Art, whose collection began to gather in 1927, with the primary contribution of Gregory Manos with 10,500 pieces. The Museum hosts 4 permanent collections, which elaborately and with digital media appoint the greatness of Sino-Japanese art. On the other hand, there is a Hall on the back side of the Palace and just next to the Garden, which hosts the Municipal Gallery of Corfu.

Launched in 1978, it acquired its own halls and enriched its collections with donations from around the world in 1995. Elaborate and impressive paintings adorn the walls of the exhibition space, while many of the halls accommodate transient collections with exhibits from artists worldwide. Both are surely worth-visiting, since they complement marvelously to each other. Having visited the venues, just wander around the gardens and enjoy a panoramic view towards the Old Fortress, the Ionian Sea and the Vidos Island.

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